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Sedona, AZ

Spirit Steps Tours

Sedona Vortex Tours

Experience the magical energies of Sedona's vortices! Spirit Steps Tours was the first tour company in Sedona providing information about the area's vortices, which are portals to other dimensions. Many people have spiritual awakenings and past-life memories (if they have had a past life) and some have even met their spirit guides at the vortices.

Cosmic Wheel of Destiny

Based on the Native American Medicine wheel, this wheel of revelation is created by the healing waters of Oak Creek within the Cathedral Rock vortex, or at Merry-Go-Round Rock overlooking the scenic Schnebly Hill vortex. Designed to be a tool by which to understand the universe and the part that each of us plays within it, this sacred ceremony blends traditional spiritual teachings with present-day divine revelation inspiring us to live in harmony and cooperation with nature and the celestial forces resident on our planet.

Drumming Ceremony

Awaken your ancestral memories and possible past life memories in rhythm with the heartbeat of the drum — day or evening with drumming, song, and fellowship. Our 1 to 3-hour personalized drumming ceremonies for individuals or groups are held at Camp Avalon nestled along Oak Creek.


Let us design a 'tour de force' that caters to your individual or group desires. Kaleidoscope tours offer you a space to create a personalized Spirit Step amid the Creator's grandeur. In this reunion of spirit, mind, and matter, you share more of your metaphysical, spiritual, or personal life with teacher guides to discover the next step of your destiny. If desired the Fifth Epochal Revelation and Continuing (i.e. The URANTIA Book and The Cosmic Family volumes) can be made available on the tour or in a nearby classroom setting with others.