1515 W. SR 89A
Sedona, AZ

Cleaner Quicker Car Wash

WELCOME TO THE ALL NEW CLEANER QUICKER CAR WASH! Cleaner Quicker Car Wash opened in Sedona in October 2014 after an extensive "floors-up" renovation to a run-down car wash facility at this location. We decided to be a Flex-Serve operation, the new model for the industry. This means offering the exterior wash and the detailing services separately to let the customer choose just what they need each time they come in. We offer three express washes, and for full service you can add one of our three express details and other a la carte options. You can get in and out in as little as 5 minutes with our self-serve touch screen express terminal, but you can also use our free self-serve vacuums. For Full Service you can add one of our Express Detail packages plus many other detailing options if you wish. We also do Luxury Details: carpet shampooing; seat cleaning/conditioning; hand claying, buffing, and waxing; finish, paint and headlight restoration, and removal of scratches, stains, and the ghosting and swirls from traditional detailing buffers.

This is the future of the industry and many full service washes are converting to the Flex-Serve model to better serve their customers.

Since none of the old equipment worked, we totally re-equipped the facility. Sedona is a unique, high quality town and its residents demand high quality in their key services, care of their vehicles being a very important one.

Therefore we researched and selected the best equipment and technology available anywhere today for both tunnel wash and detailing operations.

We fully-equipped the tunnel with top-of-the-line stainless steel equipment which offered a full range of treatments. We invested heavily in both the tunnel and our detailing equipment to provide other things few other washes do to give Sedona residents the high quality they want and deserve.

• Our tunnel cleaning brushes are made out of a neoprene-like material. Unlike the cloth brushes used by most washes, these do not absorb or hold water, and therefore don’t retain the dirt and grit from other cars that can scratch the finish of a vehicle or scrub off the wax. Since they don’t absorb water, they don’t get heavier during the day to increase risk to antennas, plastic windows, soft tops, and other vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Yet they do a superb job of cleaning the vehicle, especially since we have 6 pairs of brushes as well as a top brush, more than many washes. This is one of the reasons we have many customers frequenting our car wash who have not been willing to have a tunnel wash in years.

• Unlike many Car Washes, we also completely purify our water to protect customers' vehicles. Over time, inadequately treated water builds up a fine residue of minerals and impurities that create friction. This dulls your finish and fades paint color, holds dirt more readily, and doesn't provide an adequate surface for wax to hold to for long. Even new cars have often been sitting in acid rain and kept clean with untreated water, and have a less shiny and silky finish than when they left the factory. We protect vehicles' finishes by first softening water to remove minerals, then charcoal-filtering it, and then processing it through reverse osmosis to 000 particles per million of purity, creating two fractions. The 000 RO water is tanked separately and used for the final rinse, and the remaining softened and charcoal filtered water is reused for all other functions in the tunnel requiring water so no mineral laden unfiltered water ever touches your car.

• We designed our top wash- the Platinum wash- to get superior results compared to other car washes. It is a combination hand and tunnel wash. We thoroughly hand scrub those areas of a car where anyone’s tunnel washes have trouble reaching or getting enough impact to wash really well. We take off really tough substances like baked-on bugs by hand. Then it gets all 12 of our treatments up through Clearcoat to protect the finish and pop out the paint color, RainX to slough off water, and Carnauba wax for a great shine and to shed dirt due to its Teflon quality. It's better than a hand wash because of the RO water and the treatments to protect and enhance it. Yet it only takes a few minutes of hand prep and then 2 1/2 minutes in the tunnel. Over 50% of our customers get this wash and love it.

• We also invested in the best detailing equipment available, from "R2D2", our powerful carpet extractor, to our “Big Foot” random orbital polisher which restores finishes with less heat and therefore more safely, and leaves a perfect finish without the swirls or ghosts of normal rotary buffers.

• We also totally changed the interior cleaning process to improve quality. We detail in well-equipped individual bays to permit thoroughness, rather than in line before and after the tunnel while it delays other customers.

• We are Green. Our equipment is so efficient so it uses less than 1/3 of the water the old wash did even though we have 12 more treatments, and a variable speed drive ensures our biggest power consumer- our vacuums- are far more efficient than most.

We created an inviting and comfortable fully-stocked café, shop, and lounge, with chairs and small tables in the Café, comfortable chairs in a lounge area, and seating on an outdoor terrace shaded from direct sun by a trellis. Café has 46 varieties of coffees, teas, and hot chocolate, including Starbucks, Peets, and many other brands, thanks to a commercial Keurig machine. We also have a full range of both Pepsi and Coke and their partners’ products, pastries from NY Deli, free popcorn, many snack items, greeting cards and a wide variety of other merchandise.

You can have a thorough look at our operation, services, prices, results and what our customers say on our website: cleanerquickercarwash.com.